Artistic Foundation.

(i) looked into the mirror and found my reflection, and (i)
began to see the world from a different perspective, and love
showed me a sight that was brilliant and bright, and peace
taught me to see beauty and reason connected with music 
we sang for the people and so i placed my perception on the cross
taught me to see beauty and reason connected with music 
showed me a sight that was brilliant and bright, and peace
began to see the world from a different perspective, and love
(i) looked into the mirror and found my reflection and ( i)Revolution.

Wednesday, July 30


I have a friend who plays piano. When notes are put in front of her, they dive from the page to her fingers and grace the keys with delicate precision. The result, in my opinion, is brilliance and if you heard her you would agree. The conflict rises when she hears others play from memory or begin improvising. She has a habit of comparing herself to the other artists and she gives her false anxieties a bit of credibility. Personally, I can mash the keys of a piano for hours and melodious or not, I wish I could read the sheet music like her. Sometimes I think we get so focused on the grass being greener we forget to look up at the sky.

Reading through my previous post, I see I haven't fully explained "isolation" to you. As I had stated, "In isolation, only you can judge your own behavior". I mean for this statement to be explored and encourage you to do so for yourself. Isolation, in a positive sense, is the act of separating yourself from the standards that restrict. If my friend forgot about the others, if she stepped away from the comparison games and the competition for just a moment, she could probably return to the place that acquainted her and that instrument in the beginning. Learning a new art is challenging and exhilarating. It truly is like mapping uncharted territories. Forget about Mozart, Yes, or even Coldplay, let yourself exist, for a moment, with your instrument - with your art.

The easiest way for me to create is to lock myself up in what I call my safe place; it might sound childish but give it a chance. When I close my blinds and lock my door (and turn off my phone!), I can find isolation. I personally define the social standard in that place because I am the only one. I might as well be the last man on earth and the only one judging me is me. Once I let myself go, I can create and be proud of my creations. ( i)Revolution is a product of my safe place.

Before I encourage you to test isolation for yourself, I want to say this: ( i)Revolution is founded on good principles with the intent to better the individual and better the community through the arts. Resentment, hatred, and bitterness have no place in ( i)Revolution as they should have no place in you. These stumbling blocks can destroy your character as an individual and destroy the credibility of your art. Personally, time spent in isolation allowed me to see a lot of my own mistakes with relationships and helped to restore them before I had completely sabotaged them myself. If you find a lingering animosity in yourself, whether it be with a parent, a former friend, or even a significant other resolve it first. Seek restitution or you will be plagued by that internal conflict and your art will reflect it. That said, good luck finding your "safe place" and let me know how it goes. When you come out in control, we can begin community.


JeffStormer said...

I've found this to be a very valid idea. I've discovered if I make it so I am in control of my environment, I produce work which I find appealing and more satisfying than if I were to attempt the same anywhere else. I think that "isolation" the word itself might be constricting, though. I've found in my own experience that having a close person, or a community of such people, to give a sort of honest, respect-driven, positive, concise criticism- someone who is supportive, but not to the point where anything will be good, and if something isn't, they'll guide you to a better conclusion- is an invaluable thing to have. It encourages you to push harder, and work towards betterment.

iRevolution said...

don't worry mr. jeff stormer, the community will come.

Ashley said...

I like this theory quite a bit, I can only create when I'm locked up and utterly alone!

I've taken your advice and I'm starting a blog, I look forward to exchanging theories and ideas with you.

The Go In Betweens said...

What you're saying about letting yourself exist - with your art reminds me of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Which was all about defining quality, and it pretty much said that the only way to know if something has quality or not is if you think it does. Because you know if something has quality or not and no objective judgment or set of rules will help you get there.

Tamiim said...

Go to the desert every once in a while.

Its pretty isolated out there.